Gay shoe fetish Pics

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gay shoefetish

Stinky old and well worn sneaker are hot! Check out this gay shoefetish pics. Do you like his shoes? I like his socks, hope they smell very bad ;) Would like to take a deep breath of his sock and shoe scent. Makes my a hard on, I think.  Do you like to feel the shoes and feet of this sexy gay shoefetish boy in your face?

Sniffing sneaker. I love to smell well worn sneaker

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sniffing sneakerGive me your warm and smelly sneaker, please! I want to sniff your shoes, Oh that´s my favorit passion. Sniffing sneaker of gay boys. And your socks, I want to sniffing your dirty socks as well. Are you love the smell of stinky shoes and socks much as I do? Do you have marked preference in foot fetish?

Gay Sock boy. I like sniffing socks

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sock boyNice socks! I would like to stick my noce deep inside his smelly socks. Gosh, getting hot just thinking of his sock scent! I like it, if ths sock of gay boys are little moist. I hope this sock boy has sweaty feet. My last boyfriend wears foot orthotics, I dont know why, but it turns me on a lot!! Do you have experience with foot orthotics? If yes, please leave me a comment, I think it´s just me who likes it.

Male feet pics

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gay foot fetish

What do you think about his male feet? His name is Zeke, I found his gay foot fetish pics yesterday evening. He´s a quite cute boy, isn´t he!? Maybe his socks are interesting, I like to smell well worn socks. I like stinky male feet, socks and shoes. I love to sniffing sneakers, very sexy scent. Do you like to worship male feet? What do you think about sissy gays wearing pantyhoses? Please Leave me a comment, wha kind of pics you would like to see…